Product Summary

Travel Pro (right click link to download or save file)
60 & Over Application
59 & Under Application

Short Term Group Travel
Up to age 70, for 8 days or less, no pre-ex exclusion

Waiver of Premium

Group AD&D:
Basic 24 hour, Business Travel, Voluntary, Family Plans, Pilots, War Risks

Unusual Risks:
Firefighting, Oil Rigs, Mining, etc.

High Limit Disability Coverage:
Temporary and Permanent Total Disability (Accident and Sickness)

Expatriate Coverage:
Worldwide Hospital/Medical Insurance for Canadians and others working Out of Canada.

Professional and Amateur Sports Disability, AD&D

Student Coverages:
Group Health, Dental, AD&D, Tuition Refund

Accident Programs

Worker’s Compensation Benefits:
Replaces Worker’s Compensation Benefits for Schedule 2 Employers

Equestrian Programs

Golf Initiation Fee Programs