Who We Are

AIS was founded in 1989.

The Company’s strategy is based on our belief that there are distinct opportunities for independent insurance brokers to promote products that are designed to place them in the same mainstream as their much larger competitors and direct sellers.

We believe these independent brokers have the potential to place their sales expertise and client knowledge behind solid programs that increase their product repertoire and enhance their professional service.

Independent brokers are best served by a company totally dedicated to their market, unique opportunities and needs. As such AIS always has and will continue to market its products exclusively through independent insurance brokers. While some of our carriers require AIS to have restricted licensing (under their sponsorship), AIS stands alone as a product provider that does no retail business as we see this as being in conflict with our stated strategy of not competing with our brokers.

AIS distributes products with broad appeal. We are also proud of our success in bringing to market specialty programs that allow brokers additional competitive reach. All the products offered are underwritten by well recognized and highly rated licensed insurance companies.

In addition to furnishing products, administration services and competitive commissions, AIS helps brokers and broker groups maximize sales by providing training, marketing strategy and promotional assistance.

The background of AIS personnel complements its services and strategies. The principal, Robin Cabral, has been involved in domestic insurance and international reinsurance for over 30 years.

On our products page we have listed some of the products that we have brought to the market either on our own or at the request of our brokers.